Dental Bridges

dental bridge

Dental Bridges

The dental team at Aarohi Dental does everything it can to ensure that our patients keep their own teeth healthy and beautiful. However, accidents and problems can arise that result in a tooth being lost or severely damaged. When this occurs, we recommend the use of a dental bridge to replace a lost tooth or restore a seriously damaged tooth.

What is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge literally bridges the gap between teeth. Ordinarily, a traditional dental bridge is made up of a filler tooth that has been attached to two nearby dental crowns. A cantilever bridge is used if there are adjacent teeth to only one side of the missing tooth.

Why Should I Get a Dental Bridge?

If you require a dental bridge, you will notice several advantages to getting one. Dental bridges can address oral health issues and the aesthetics of your smile. Here is a shortlist of benefits to getting a dental bridge:

  • A dental bridge restores the beauty of your smile by hiding the damage that was done to your teeth.
  • A dental bridge prevents your remaining teeth from drifting out of line. Drifting teeth can result in serious dental problems like periodontal disease.
  • A dental bridge helps protect the integrity of your existing teeth.
  • A dental bridge can restore the ability to properly speak and chew in severe cases.


How is the Dental Bridge Procedure Performed?

First, the supporting teeth for the dental bridge have to be prepared. This is done through taking away a part of the supporting teeth’s enamel to make space for the dental bridge. Then, impressions are taken of your teeth. This impression will act as the model for the dental bridge. After the dental bridge has been created, the dentist will check and adjust the newly created dental bridge before cementing it into your mouth. These adjustments are performed in order to make sure the dental bridge properly fits and is comfortable in your mouth. In some cases, the bridge might be temporarily cemented to see how it fits for a few weeks before doing the permanent cementing.

Request an Appointment

If you think your teeth warrant the use of a dental bridge, please make an appointment today with us. Our professional dental team will be able to determine if a dental bridge is necessary and answer any questions you may have.We are devoted to bringing our patients the best dental care possible.